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Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)

  • Melts to -25°F
  • Is the fastest, most effective ice melt available
  • Premium-priced, similar to magnesium chloride, but pound-for-pound, melts twice as much ice
  • Comes in pellet or flake form
  • Is hygroscopic, drawing moisture from the air and creating heat to accelerate the melting process
  • Vegetation, corrosion and concrete performance is equal to competing materials, including magnesium and potassium chloride

PELADOW® Premier Ice-Melt – The Best on Ice

No other ice-melt product works on snow and ice better than PELADOW® Calcium Chloride Pellets. Comparative performance tests and scientific research prove that it is the premier choice for ice melt. With its fast melting action and cold-temperature performance, PELADOW® calcium chloride is easily distinguished from other ice melters because it:

  • Contains more than 90 percent calcium chloride, the most effective material for melting ice and snow.
  • Melts ice 2 to 13 times faster than other ice-melt materials.
  • Absorbs moisture and generates heat to speed melting.
  • Penetrates through ice 2 to 14 times faster than competing materials.
  • Performs in a wider range of winter temperatures, even extreme cold.
  • Provides peace of mind by making steps, walks, driveways and parking lots safer.
  • Ensures the same vegetation, corrosion and concrete performance as other ice-melt formulations, including magnesium chloride, potassium chloride and rock salt.

PELADOW® calcium chloride outperforms other ice formulations in all winter conditions. For example, in the first 20 minutes at 20°F, PELADOW® pellets melt:

  • 2X faster than NaCl
  • 3X faster than MgCl2
  • 3X faster than Urea
  • 7X faster than KCl
  • 13X faster than CMA

While competing products stop working at 0°F, PELADOW® pellets keep working even when the temperature plummets to -25°F, the lowest effective temperature of any ice-melt product.

DOWFLAKE® Xtra 83-87 percent calcium chloride: "Xtra" Concentration for "Xtra" Ice-Melting Speed

DOWFLAKE® Xtra 83-87 Percent Calcium Chloride has 10 percent more calcium chloride than conventional flake calcium chloride products. It is concentrated, so you can apply less.

Use DOWFLAKE® Xtra calcium chloride by itself or mix it with rock salt and abrasives to give them extra power. Calcium chloride's high-performance properties make it superior to plain salt and other ice-melting materials.

DOWFLAKE® Xtra calcium chloride:

  • Works across a wider range of temperatures than other ice melting materials.
  • Works much faster than rock salt alone.
  • Melts ice faster and at lower temperatures than urea and potassium chloride.
  • Melts ice faster than magnesium chloride. Which means that more magnesium chloride, at added cost, is needed to match the performance of DOWFLAKE® Xtra calcium chloride.
  • Here is the performance comparison. DOWFLAKE® Xtra melts ice:
    • 33% faster than NaCl
    • 27% faster than MgCl2 flake
    • 2X faster than Urea
    • 5X faster than KCl
    • 9X faster than CMA

Conventional 77-80 percent flake melts 7.7 pounds of ice per pound used. DOWFLAKE® Xtra 83-87 melts 8.5 pounds of ice per pound used.

DOWFLAKE® Xtra calcium chloride provides additional benefits when it is mixed with other materials. It helps:

  • Make rock salt work faster and at lower temperatures.
  • Keep abrasives like sand and cinders manageable and free flowing at cold temperatures.
  • Imbed abrasives in ice to prevent them from being bounced off the surface by traffic.
  • Whether used by itself, with rock salt, or with abrasives, DOWFLAKE® Xtra calcium chloride not only melts quicker, it also makes it easier for you to mechanically remove snow and ice by penetrating and loosening it.

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